Where to buy in Tulum

Where to buy in Tulum

The destination differs from all other tourist places because it does not have large shopping centers but small shops of typical crafts to take home souvenirs of the destination, items for home decoration and others such as hammocks, jewelry and creations in wood and ceramics, glassware , tequila and much more.

To buy those Mexican items that you like so much, we mention some places to do it:

Tulum Avenue

The main street of the destination, where you will find small gift shops and galleries of colorful crafts that range from small souvenirs to furniture and home decorations. There are small spaces where they sell zarapes, beach clothes, handmade and silver jewelry and many more items.


Gallery of popular Mexican art, handicrafts and a nice selection of jewelry. In MexicArte they will offer you authentic works made by artisans, indigenous communities, jewelry designers and the best artists with a very good taste in which they also constantly renew their pieces offering the best. They have two branches, one in Tulum on Avenida Tulum Oriente and the other in Akumal.

Tulum Bazaar

After visiting the ruins of Tulum, the Bazaar is open for you to make your purchases of gifts such as clothes, silver, ceramics and of course a variety of curious souvenirs of the destination. You can also eat to continue having a good day in the archaeological zone.


Shop dedicated to Mexican folk art that is located on Tulum avenue where you will find ceramic statuettes, paintings, textiles and very colorful, interesting and exclusive folk art items at fixed prices.

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